Our Impact

victim compensation scheme

Through the perseverance of Mr. Pravin Khandpasole and team at DISHA, Compensation scheme started in Maharashtra in 2014 with budget of Rs 1.23 Cr.

The Maharashtra Victims Compensation Scheme provides compensation up to rupees 2 lakh to victims of murder, permanent disability and acid attack.

Rehabilitation and compensation to victims is now included in the curriculum of induction training of police and lawyers (Maharashtra Police Academy, Nashik, Judicial Officers Training Institute, Nagpur)

training & sensitisation

DISHA works closely with the police and judiciary in making the victim rehabilitation process a core aspect of the criminal system.

Maharashtra Police Academy tasked DISHA with creating a training module on ‘rehabilitation and compensation of victims’ and providing the training to new batches.

The Department of Social Justice, Kerala Government has invited DISHA to share its experience on victim rehabilitation in consultation on modernization of the probation system. The office of Director General of Police, Maharashtra State chose DISHA as one of the five benefiting Civil Society Organization to be supported through its philanthropy programs. 


Access to justice

DISHA runs a telephone helpline for victims to understand their rights better and aids the victims at various different levels of the process.

The telephone helpline provides ‘Psychological First Aid’ to victims as soon as possible. In 2014, the DISHA telephone helpline was launched and inaugurated by Hon’ble Justice Bhushan Gawai and other dignitaries from the Criminal Justice System in Amravati district. 

In collaboration with the Amravati Rural Police, a help desk was set up in the police station to create a pro-victim atmosphere by DISHA. This helpdesk offers honest, appropriate social and legal guidance as well as ‘psychological first aid’ to help victims (men or women or others) make the right decisions to get justice.

crime prevention & awareness

DISHA focuses on the safety information requirements of children, adolescents / young people, women and community with a different approach for each.

School Level – DISHA educates teachers, parents and school staff alike about the POCSO law and their role in protecting children.

College Level – DISHA organizes sessions for teenagers and youth that  explains how to stay safe and happy without falling prey to emotional ups and downs, competition, temptations, challenges, attractions, one-sided love, violence in a love affair, addictions during adolescence.

Village Level – DISHA sessions of this kind are mainly for women’s self-help groups, police patils, Aganwadi sevikas, and Dispute free committee (Tanta Mukta Samiti) members in villages. The purpose of this session is to settle disputes in the house, in the neighborhood or in the village.

covid response

More than 560 victims (& families) have received psycho-social support, legal guidance, dry ration kits, and small financial assistance.

The Covid-2019 epidemic is not just a matter of public health, it is a matter of livelihood, food, security, shelter, and justice. In response to the epidemic, DISHA upheld the motto ‘Equality for All’ and helped the most neglected victims and poor families with psychosocial and livelihood support.

Lack of information about Covid-19 and unplanned lockdowns have led to a significant increase in the problems of vulnerable victims for food, livelihood, and shelter in the Vidarbha region. 

Although we have made significant impact, our journey has only just begun and plenty of hurdles lie ahead!

If you are a corporate, government, NGO, educational institution or such and would like to contribute to scaling our work, please contact DISHA.